When you plan to ride after midnight, there is the inevitable onset of surge pricing. With many private hire car drivers in the market, prices get competitive as demand for these rides spike.

Many riders are looking out for the best luxury ridehail service they can get, especially those without surge pricing. This is important for a private hire car driver to offer the best experience to their riders. Not only will they be able to retain loyal customers but also, a high level of employees.

Many other ridehail services charge exorbitant surge fees for riders who are seeking a ride after midnight. Although SIX charges surplus fees for peak travel – the additional fares will never exceed the surcharges imposed on riders by other ridehail services.

At SIXTNC, we can offer you with non-surge pricing rides, just the way you like it! Read on to find out how and why SIX can do wonders to your pocket.

1) Ride Anywhere you Like

SIX is outstanding as it provides any rider with the comfort of riding anywhere they need or like, after midnight without surge pricing. We offer predictable and stable charges for your ride. This is a private hire car service that allows you to enjoy a luxury ride at the lowest charge. Now you can freely indulge in your midnight plans with a luxury ride in Singapore that goes the extra mile to meet your riding expectations.

2) No Doubt and Uncertainty

As we all know, surge prices can fluctuate greatly and without notice. This is a common experience with other luxury rides in Singapore, as companies need to put in place the ability for drivers to earn more in order to increase the supply of drivers. It also helps to control customer demand and assign these type of rides to customers who find more value in them.

In the midst of all this, surge prices can increase the doubt and uncertainty with its fluctuating nature. People may not be able to afford and comprehend how fast these rates change, ultimately raising concerns over their rides, especially when they need them the most.

SIX does not charge surge pricing because SIX drivers do not need surge pricing to earn more. They earn more via the SIX referral program. SIX drivers can serve all customers, without surge pricing, and still earn more than drivers who support other private for hire companies with surge pricing.

And, in addition to saving on fares, SIX has the only rider referral program in Singapore to ensure you earn while you ride. This is better than surge pricing, you save on ride fare, and you earn residual income too. It is a win-win.

3) The Best Midnight Experience

Midnight rides usually occur on special occasions and holidays, especially when demand is high. This is also the only time where many customers really want to use the service. For other luxury rides in Singapore, when the demand is high, the higher the surge pricing is likely to be. This could dampen the whole midnight riding experience, as some customers cannot afford the spike in surge pricing.

SIX can change that for you as we cater to your riding needs and understand that surge pricing makes for an uncomfortable experience. We also have a prebooking service which can help you avoid the midnight surge pricing of other ridehailing services. This way, you can better allocate your time and get your money’s worth of the midnight riding experience. As they all say, planning really goes a long way!