How do I rate my driver?

  • How to Rate Your Driver – After each ride, you’ll have the opportunity to rate the driver, and they will rate you. When requesting a ride, you’ll be able to see your driver’s rating and they’ll be able to see yours. MarVen has rigorous standards for drivers, and each rating you give can have an impact on that driver’s future with MarVen and possibly their compensation. In addition, passengers with a low star rating may not have their requests accepted as often.
  • What should factor into the star rating I give my driver?The star rating should be based on your interaction with the driver during the ride. When choosing a rating, consider the following (each represents one star…if the driver was deficient in an area he/she should not receive a star for that):

    • Does the driver talk on the phone or text while driving? If the driver texts or engages in a conversation on the phone, while driving, and it is not an emergency, this should be an automatic “1” star rating regardless of how well the remainder of the ride went.
    • Was the driver attentive to the road, a safe driver, and a good navigator?
    • Does the driver attempt to assist you with the door and your baggage, luggage, belongings?
    • Was the driver friendly?
    • Were you comfortable and did the experience make you want to use MarVen again?