In today’s increasingly modern, yet time-strapped world, people are always rushing to do more in a shorter space of time. We expect to get to our destinations on time and do many things concurrently.

It is also a matter of convenience. We all want the luxury of time, and to be able to move around fast within minutes. The same goes with travel.

With countless meetings and work appointments in the agenda, we need to travel from location to location, not just easily but seamlessly.

You can do that with SIXTNC and its luxury rides in Singapore. SIX is involved in offering you prebooking services with no extra charge. This is something you do not usually experience with a private hire car driver. With this free service in place, riders can afford to have a peace of mind as they will have higher chances of being matched with a SIX driver. It is the only private hire car driver to provide you with a free prebooking service. On top of that, this will perfectly showcase SIX as complementary to a busy rider’s lifestyle.

Prebooking is a luxury service. It provides a rider with the comfort of maintaining and fulfilling their needs. At SIX, prebooking is beneficial for both riders and drivers. Riders can book a few hours ahead of time so that Drivers can have enough time to plan their schedule. This is a luxury to both riders and drivers as they have the luxury of time to plan just the perfect ride!

This is not even the icing on the cake yet. Prebooking SIX rides has countless of benefits for you and here are some of them.

1) Save Money

By pre-booking their rides, SIX riders will enjoy cheaper flat-fee rates – than if they were to go with on-demand booking. This is very convenient, especially when you are in a hurry. SIX’s free prebooking service will let you feel at ease without having to experience surge pricing which other private hire car drivers impose on their riders. Riders usually want to experience their luxury ridehail service with comfort, without having to pay more. By not following the crowd, SIX serve you the best luxury ride in Singapore, without imposing a fee for your prebooking.

2) Save Time

When prebooking rides at least one hour prior, riders will be notified when their ride arrives. This will enable them to save time and accomplish more within a shorter period of time. Take for instance, when riders have a day scheduled with appointments, our prebooking service can act as a convenient platform for them to allocate their time wisely. When they have their slots booked early for each of their rides, they can accomplish more between meetings or important appointments. SIX provides you with more time while increasing the productivity of work within a day. As a luxury ride in Singapore, it serves you the benefit of time by providing you with a dynamic ridehail service in place.

3) Have a Better Peace of Mind

Prebooking rides at least one hour prior, gives riders a better peace of mind, enabling them to focus on the other more important things in life. This is more than beneficial for busy riders, as they have jam-packed schedules to deal with every day. Being able to ride with a less cluttered mind can truly maximise the experience of a luxury ride. At SIX, our prebooking ridehail service can allow you to enjoy other aspects of life on the go. Get on board with SIX now!